Cleantech takes over consumer markets

At the intersection of resource scarcity, the rising cost of fuel, digitalization and user-centricity lies a vast new business opportunity – one that Finland, with right actions, is fully capable of seizing. The new wave of cleantech, consumer cleantech, refers to consumer targeted solutions that decrease the use of natural resources.

Commissioned by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation), Demos Helsinki and Solved have put together a report on the rising opportunities in consumer cleantech. Not only does the report chart the opportunities offered by consumer cleantech, it also lays out a roadmap for grabbing onto them based on expert interviews. Further, the report proposes two areas of focus for Finland: smart buildings and smart mobility. With the correct and timely actions, the Finns can grab their share of the rapidly growing consumer cleantech market – a market expected to be valued at hundreds of billions in just the five following years.