Building Vitality – Regenerative Construction

By changing how we build and understand buildings, it becomes possible to transform the way we think.

It’s time to change the fundamentals of urban property development. A third of global emissions are linked to the building industry, while construction and property emissions are still increasing 1% per year. 

Given that the global building stock is estimated to double by 2060, the only way to meet the industry’s ecological budget is to turn towards regenerative construction. This approach enables social and ecological systems to maintain a healthy state and evolve together. 

Cities are the perfect places to bring regenerative thinking into practice: we urge city governments and actors of the built environment to be proactive in this transformation. By re-imagining the role of buildings, we can redefine the relationships between nature and humans. Regenerative development is like a balancing act.

The publication, a joint effort between Ylva and Demos Helsinki, shares exciting initiatives that are already pursuing regenerative construction. Join us to learn about living buildings, institutional incentives, and the agency of other species in our cities!  


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