Briefing: Successful Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Digitalisation is no longer about computers; people and physical things are becoming hyperconnected with cheap, abundant sensors resulting in the merging of digital and physical realities. To meet these challenges, Nordic societies look for new ways to prosper in the era of hyperconnectivity while upholding the traditional Nordic values of trust, equality and human-centrism.

A crucial question is how Nordic companies and startups can compete with these values on the global markets. Demos Helsinki wanted to uncover what is required for a successful Nordic hyperconnected business ecosystem to emerge. Assigned by Demos Helsinki, Aleksi Aaltonen, Assistant Professor at the Warwick Business School, browsed through over 2,000 issues from 60 top-tier management journals to find the answer.

The working paper identifies the 10 most important topics from the literature and guides the reader to the key insights.