Roope Mokka


+358 44 040 0413

Roope Mokka is the other founder of Demos Helsinki, a futurist and urbanist with a focus on social transformations.


Roope has over 20 years of international experience as a strategic level Advisor working with central and regional governments, cities, corporations, startups, NGOs and Festivals.

Roope’s core competencies are: 

  • Critical thinking: Seeing the difference between what is and what can be
  • Knowledge transfer: Bringing understanding from Unexpected contexts and regimes to practice
  • Strategic design and urban planning:  Creating impact through planning things well


In Demos Helsinki Roope participates in the work of all teams in order to increase the impact of projects by helping to place them into major societal changes and Trends. Before founding Demos Helsinki with Aleksi Neuvonen, Roope worked as a design researcher, technology analyst, publisher, journalist, DJ, and promoter.


Roope has written about the future extensively, for the academic community, policy reports, scenario studies, non-fiction books, and pamphlets. His literary output deals with issues of economic development, digitalization, the Internet of Things, climate change and consumer culture, basic income, urbanization, subjective well-being, freedom of choice, health, innovation, and political Philosophy. He is also one of the authors of the Finnish Land Brand Report and has been a columnist at Yleisradio (national public broadcaster of Finland) since 2016.


Roope has taught forecasting and strategic design at several Universities such as KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Aalto, Chalmers University of Technology and Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo University, and is a regular speaker at events such as TedXAmazon, Slush and Sustainable Brands.


He has studied social sciences and humanities at the London Schoool of Economics and at the Universities of Helsinki, Leicester and Bristol. In his spare time, Roope rests, dances and follows his intuition.