Nina Langerholc

Team Lead

+386 51383963

Nina is a passionate hands-on transformer. She orchestrates our governance work and is in constant pursuit of new organisational and system-level approaches to increase the speed of societal transformation. Nina works on bridging the gaps and connecting different sectors, stakeholders, and organisations on a joint transformation journey. This means managing transformation projects as well as designing and implementing actions to bring theory into real-life practice. Her unique understanding of the functioning and mindset of different stakeholders supports her work in creating positive impact, energising teams, design, and the roll-out of systemic solutions, and generating new value that arises from synergies, partnerships, and networks.


Prior to her time at Demos Helsinki, Nina has gained 15 years worth of experience from the public sector, business sector (from start-ups to corporate environment), and NGOs. She has worked with a variety of teams in conceptualising, planning, and implementing change.


At Demos Helsinki, Nina leads our team on Transformative Governance. She works, e.g., with the UNDP Istanbul project Mayors for Economic Growth supporting cities in implementing adaptive portfolio and mission-oriented approaches for urban transformation.


Nina also has a background as a former semi-professional guitar player. Nowadays, instead of playing riffs herself, you can find her cheering in the audience of a rock concert.