Mikko Annala

Team Lead, Transformative Governance


+358 40 778 6062

Mikko Annala leads Demos Helsinki’s Governance Innovation team. His job is to ensure that governments are prepared to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the 21st Century. 

In his daily work, Annala and the team push governments to think and act beyond the boundaries of the obvious. Societies are facing an urgent need to undergo major Transformations. Governments can steer societies through these Transformations, but only if they adapt radically new approaches to their operations. This means re-thinking how governments orchestrate their most crucial functions and processes, how governments update their capabilities and how governments explicate and interpret their core principles. 

Annala has gained in-depth understanding of governments and their machineries through working in various domains of governance and cultural contexts, such as Finland, Sweden, Australia, Estonia, Latvia and the United Arab Emirates. Among many other efforts, Annala has been integrating experimentation to the national policy making process; adding long-term aspects to budgeting processes; and designing learning programs for building Next Era capabilities for employees from various different governments. Currently, Annala is acting as the Secretary of the Global Innovation Council. Annala and the team are also working on an overall strategy for the Finnish public administration, as well as re-imagining policy instruments with the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office. Annala is an Advisor to The National Audit Office of Finland.



+358 40 7786062