Mikko Annala, he/him

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)


+358 40 778 6062

We are a think tank with a mission.

All our work is steered by our ethos and impact model and that’s why our CRO focuses on growing our relevance, and ultimately impact. Mikko ensures that step by step we work to lead the change we believe in while still making our ends meet. Mikko is always on the lookout for new sales and partnership opportunities to broaden our impact portfolio. He knows our people – their capabilities, knowledge and expertise. So if you feel we at Demos could help you out with something, be sure to connect with Mikko!


Before tackling the demands of CRO Mikko led our team on transformative governance and is therefore still a sought out speaker regarding how governments, cities and international organisations should meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future.
At Demos Helsinki Mikko has worked with e.g. Meta, the UN, the OECD and governments of several countries across the globe.


After hours you can often find Mikko hosting excellent tea parties with her daughter. Recurring discussion topics include current princess fashion and evaluations of animal cuteness.