João Sigora

Senior Expert

+55 61 981502888

João Sigora is a senior Consultant in Demos at Helsinki’s Transformative Governance team. The core of his everyday work involves experimenting with new approaches to governance and building public servants’ capacity for reimagining and co-creating desired futures.


His expertise lies in the development and management of experimentation projects, cross-sectoral government Collaboration and public policy. João currently sits on the Demos Helsinki Ry Board of Directors.


Prior to Demos Helsinki, João accumulated several years of experience managing multi-stakeholder projects and advising senior officials in the public sector. Most recently, he was Coordinator of Innovation Projects at the Brazilian government’s pioneer innovation lab at the National School of Public Administration in Brazil, engaging cross-government teams in projects combining design methodologies, behavioral sciences, digital Transformation and a range of innovation tools and methods to deliver better public services. He’s also experienced in poverty alleviation programs, policy evaluation and coordinated international cooperation projects and actions with governments from all over Latin America.


João has been a visiting researcher at the e-Governance Academy in Tallinn, Estonia and holds a Master’s degree in public policy from the University of Oxford.