Elisa Marjava, she/her/hers

Office and Administrative Coordinator (Currently on leave)

Elisa is a member of the Enablers team with responsibilities varying from running our offices and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations to coordinating Demos Helsinki’s internship program and intern recruitment processes, collaboratively working on financial and general administration, procurement, as well as supporting in HR-related matters.


Previously, Elisa has worked in financial administration specializing in accounts payable and international transfers, as a project assistant in building management, and as a translation assistant. Thanks to her versatile experiences, Elisa has a very flexible and hands-on approach with a good eye for detail and precision. As a colleague, Elisa wishes to enrich our community by relying on her strengths of being a friendly, helpful, and kind colleague. She is especially interested in improving the organization’s overall well-being through smooth processes and an empathetic approach to problem solving.


In her free time, Elisa is passionate about visual arts and dedicates most of her time to drawing and expressing her creativity in different ways. Cinema, learning languages, reading books, and listening to Comedy podcasts are also very close to her heart.