Angeliki Vourdaki

Research, Projects & Policy Interaction

Angeliki is passionate about imagining better systems for a fairer world and then coming up with a tactical plan to make them happen. 


As the world is turning to the Nordic model for inspiration, Angeliki supports Demos Helsinki’s vision by ensuring that it is accessible, consistent and that it reaches the right audience. She previously worked for Greece’s prominent think tank, diaNEOsis, and led Communications for one of London’s fastest-growing startups, KANO, bringing accessible computing into the hands of thousands of kids all over the world. Angeliki also worked as a waitress where she witnessed both the kindness of the world and her very own privilege within it.


She studied Politics at the University of Warwick and completed her MSc in Political Science & Political Economy at the London School of Economics.


Angeliki probably has the weirdest and most extensive google history on the planet, which is why online ads never get her right. She’s still not sure if that’s a win.