Webinars for the curious – Demos Helsinki open events in June

This June, we are co-hosting several open events together with our international partners, topics varying from governance innovation to smart cities and consumer cleantech. All webinars are free. You’ll find registration links and more info below. Join us to imagine a better future!

🎥 Reimagining the Core of Government After COVID-19

📅  10 June. How COVID-19 accelerates change in the core of government? Why is innovative governance likely to continue after COVID-19? Now you have a great opportunity to hear the OECD, Harvard Kennedy School, UCL, and other brilliant governance innovation experts.

For people interested in governance innovation, global innovation policies, experimentation.

In partnership with the Global Innovation Council.


🎥 People First Cities: How Can Cities Develop People’s Rights And Technologies in Harmony?

📅 23 June. How do we ensure that the digitalisation of cities across Europe promotes inclusion, trust, sustainability, resilience and democracy? How can cities and regions use shared action and leverage their collective influence to set ethical and technical standards and enable a fairer digital economy?

For people interested in smart cities, digital economy, city governance.

In partnership with Nesta & NGI Forward.


🎥 Progressive Governance Digital Summit 2020

📅 15-19 June. Join the international progressive community and co-create a vision of solidarity, well-being and new democratic legitimacy for the post-pandemic world. The online summit will host more than 30 sessions and focus on transformation, democracy, progressive leadership and Europe’s role in a multilateral world. 

For people interested in social, economic and political consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

In partnership with Das Progressive Zentrum and 25 organisations from Europe and North America.


🎥 International Consumer Cleantech Webinar

📅 5 June. Do you want to get an idea about why you should be two steps ahead in the consumer cleantech field? What better day than the World Environment Day to discuss opportunities for environmental action around the Baltic Sea region!

For people interested in consumer cleantech, smartups, sustainable lifestyles.

In partnership with Smartup Accelerator partners.


🎥 World Summit on Digital Built Environment: Integrated Design Pre-Event

📅 16 June. An integrated design model allows us to see the consequence of every single change in the design; how it affects the production, energy efficiency and other computable properties of the building. Damiano Cerrone, Consultant at Demos Helsinki, will talk about how the public and private sector can reimagine their mandates for a new social contract able to produce new values in the city.

For people interested in built environment, cities, mobility, urban transformations.

Organised by WDBE 2020.

More info & register

🎥 L’après Covid-19 : les collectivités locales sur la piste d’un nouveau contrat social ?  

📅 11 June. Relocalisation, communs, municipalisme, transition, care… Quels modèles mettre en œuvre pour que “l’après” ne soit pas un simple retour à “l’avant ?”

This webinar will be held in French. 

Un événement organisé en partenariat par Horizons publics, La 27e Région et Demos Helsinki, dans le cadre du Learning Festival States of Change



Header photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash