The World Needs Big Ideas – Demos Helsinki Publications of Early 2019

Demos Helsinki publications of early 2019 include the next era social security models, governance innovations for the 21st century, and futures brief for growth-seeking companies that want to create the success stories of the future. 

21st-century approach to governance: vision-driven, continuously learning, unbounded

Governments around the world are muddling through the volatile early decades of the 21st century. The design of policies and services is becoming more and more challenging in the face of interconnectedness and complexity of existing systems. Therefore, governments of the 21st century must be vision-driven, continuously learning, and unbounded.

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Universalism in the Next Era: Moving Beyond Redistribution

It is time to examine social security in a broader perspective. Universalism should be more than just a way of redistributing wealth. It should empower the individual to embrace autonomy and agency. Our publication aims to explore how we could ensure that there is this type of universal structures when we enter the post-industrial era.

Read the Next Era Paper.

State Capability, Policymaking and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

How does political decision-making change due to technological development in the post-industrial era? This discussion paper is the result of a collaboration between a group of organisations interested in the implications of the rapid technological growth to policymaking processes.

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Futures Brief: The Consumer Business Models of the Future

The time has come to create and support smart-ups! This Future Brief explains new business models needed for transforming our economy. It is based on a long-term work of Demos Helsinki, where we have been working together with big and small companies and entrepreneurs.

Read the Futures Brief.

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