Seminar series about immigration: From refugee camps towards active citizenship in Finland

Recent findings and policy considerations on immigration are hard currency at the moment. The seminar series launched by the Strategic Research Council (Academy of Finland) is a great opportunity to access such knowledge. The series follows the rocky road of asylum seekers from their countries of origin or from refugee camps further to Finland, to reception centres and, where possible, towards integration and citizenship. Invited commentators give feedback to the researchers, in order to relate the findings to ongoing policy processes and to sparr the researchers from the practitioners’ perspective.  

The series started in May 2017 with a seminar on refugee flows, asylum seekers and the first steps toward integration. The next seminars will deal employment and education opportunities as well as other dimensions associated with integration. The series is organized as a joint effort of several SRC funded projects, altogether from five different programmes. The final seminar will take place in early 2018.