Savilahti citizen profiles 2030 and 2050

How will people live, work and spend daily life in Kuopio in 2030 or 2050? How does urbanisation, changing demographics, digitalisation and resource scarcity transform and impact our cities in the future? Savilahti citizen profiles 2030 & 2050 examines how future megatrends and phenomena influence local environment in Savilahti, Kuopio. The study also provides insight and information to support the development of the area in regards to the needs of future locals and users of the area. The project deliverables contain impact analysis on the relevant megatrends and phenomena, in addition to citizen profiles for 2030 and 2050 that describe the versatile lifestyles and their key components.

Foresight and analysis of future lifestyles and urban environments provide an opportunity for cities to design places that are more resilient, future proof and more sustainable. Cities can take a proactive role and shape the future economic, social and environmental landscape already now, and more prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

Research methods in the project include foresight, gatekeeper mapping, qualitative interviews and co-creation of future citizens profiles together with number of stakeholders. The project will be carried out by the end of June 2017. The deliverables will be utilised for the development of Savilahti area – which by the end of 2020s will host 15 000 residents, 13 000 jobs and 6 000 students on daily basis.