Peloton Club

Peloton Club is an accelerator and an ecosystem dedicated to leverage the full scope of opportunities arising from the most burning challenge of human history: climate change and the depletion of natural resources. We help the most ambitious startup-teams to tap into these opportunities by providing them with the tools and the networks needed to build and test great ideas. We focus on smart solutions mainly in three areas: Food, Housing and Mobility

Peloton Club has grown out from a single Peloton project launched in 2009, supporting different industries and organisations in developing products, services and social innovations to help us make resource smart low-CO2 choices and to generate new profitable business opportunities for organisations. The year 2011 saw the first Peloton Innovation Camps bred entirely new energy smart businesses. The Peloton Club of today came into being in the autumn of 2012. Since then, it has been fostering startups, innovators and enthusiasts who spur each other to create the business ideas that change the world for the better.

The core of Peloton has always been startups, entrepreneurship, innovations and community. We organize co-creational business acceleration and experimentation programmes such as Bees and Trees and TryOut!, Peloton workshops, innovation camps and legendary community gatherings known as Peloton Club Nights.

  1. is a big year for Peloton Club! Our acceleration model and ecosystem will be expanded to Kenya and Baltic Sea region through collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnpartnership and EU’s Interreg initiative. Additionally, Peloton Club was recently chosen as a best practice in EU’s Interreg Passage network, which aims to transfer best practices related to low carbon, entrepreneurship and social innovations across Europe.

Learn more about Peloton Club from the website and join the community discussions in Peloton Club Facebook group.

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