Hot tips for Slush 2016

Demos Helsinki is part of Slush 2016, one of Europe’s biggest technology and startup event! Follow this schedule and find us at Slush 2016:

TUESDAY 29th NOV 2016

17:30–21:50 // FREE PRE-EVENT The Sexy Truth – An Afterwork of Cleantech & Opportunities

G Live Lab, Yrjönkatu 3, Helsinki

Satu Lähteenoja from Demos Helsinki will discuss the opportunities of cleantech to solve environmental problems in the afterwork event of cleantech. The Sexy Truth is that climate change and the environmental problems of the world are actually opportunities for change, growth and financial returns. You don’t need Slush ticket to get in.

WEDNESDAY 30.11.2016


Conquering new frontiers, both mental and physical, has always fascinated humans. The new era of space travel needs abundant mindsets and novel ways of thinking and understanding our surroundings. Within Demos alumni Maria Ritola (Iris AI), Steve Jurvetson (DFJ Venture Capital) and Naveen Jain (Moon Express).  

THURSDAY 1.12.2016

11:25–12:00 // BLACK STAGE

Basic income – our next moonshot

How basic income could be applied when the diversity of the basic income proponents run from economists and environmentalists to founders, everyone seeing outcomes differently? The discussion goes around the fundamentals and infinite possibilities of universal basic income. Within founder of Demos Helsinki Roope Mokka at the stage Matt Krisiloff, Albert Wenger and Jason Karaian.

12:45–13:15 // ENGINE ROOM

Talk Show: Governing the Platform

What kind of companies are successful in the age of platforms?

IoT is about sensors and technology. What makes iot visible in our everyday life is the emergence of platforms that aggregate peoples’ needs, physical assets and labour. This makes platform governance one of the central issues of our societies. It’s time to open the discussion on how platforms are coming the central tool for governing workers and assets and to ask the how platforms in themselves should be governed.

Welcome to discuss and learn about the next phase of digitalisation with Demos Helsinki, the Nordic think tank!

With CEO of Demos Helsinki Tuuli Kaskinen, Juhani Mykkänen (Wolt) and Pauli Forma (Keva).

Demos Helsinki will host 68 smartups at Slush

Demos Helsinki brings to Slush together with ClimateKic Nordic 68 startup teams that have a business idea that solves climate change. The best way to get contact in the European smart startups is to stop by EIT ClimateKic booth. 

ClimateKic is Eu’s main climate innovation initiative.  

More information:, +358401646453