SOHJOA project brings robot buses to Helsinki

It has often been claimed that robot technology is not the future but the reality today. Demos Helsinki and Metropolia are making this claim come true in terms of public transport by analysing the functionality and social acceptability of robot buses. What does it feel like to step into a robot and let it carry oneself through real traffic?

Robot buses have already started operating in Hernesaari, Helsinki
Robot buses have already started operating in Hernesaari, Helsinki

The project is a part of a wider EU-funded project called SOHJOA, the collaborators of which include Aalto University, Forum Virium Helsinki, the National land survey of Finland and Tampere University of Technology as well as Demos Helsinki and Metropolia.

Want to become a partner in developing pioneering services or new business opportunities?

The project funded by Challenge Finland offers a variety of interesting opportunities to project partners. As well as testing the driving systems the project aims to build a new export-led network around intelligent transportation. The virtual and physical products and services required by intelligent transportation in a city environment are a huge opportunity for developing something entirely new. Retail, security or public transport – almost any field of operation or sector can benefit from bringing new transportation capacity onto the streets.

The project includes a series of workshops, the next of which will be held 4th October 2016.

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Christopher Rowley

Research intern, Demos Helsinki

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