From Failand to Winland

Welcome to Failand! The country where conventional food and energy supplies do not work and security is in shatters. Or would you rather travel to Winland, a Finland where resilient planning and policy-making processes have prevented such a catastrophe from occurring?

Our research project ‘From Failand to Winland’ provides an insight to both of these possible futures with the help of scenario planning, decision analysis and co-creation methods. Winland research project studies how water, food and energy related pressures, shocks and policy responses affect Finland’s overall security. We will also look at how resilient our systems and policy-making processes actually are to food and energy security related risks and threats and formulate recommendations for the key stakeholders in different sectors. We will closely interact with the government, organisations and companies in order to ensure the relevance of the research to the decision-makers and to strengthen the resilience and preparedness to threats of the society.

The project is funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland.
The multi-disclipinary consortium is led by professor Olli Varis from Aalto University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Subprojects are led by
Sanna Syri, Aalto University, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Energy and Food Policy)
Veli‐Pekka Tynkkynen, University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute (Energy policy)
Antti Tuomas Belinskij, University of Eastern Finland (Law)
Juha Mäkinen, National Defence University (Resilience and learning)
Mika Marttunen, Finnish Environment Institute (Water Security and Climate Change)
Burkhard Auffermann, University of Turku (Integration and future scenarios)
Outi Kuittinen, Demos Helsinki (Interaction and Co-creation)
The project started in summer 2016 and ends in early 2019.

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Contact us:
Project coordinator Suvi Sojamo, Aalto University, suvi.sojamo(a), 050 407 51 71
Co-lead Marko Keskinen, Aalto University, marko.keskinen(a)
Head of Co-creation Outi Kuittinen, Demos Helsinki, outi.kuittinen(a), 050 326 55 82