How does hyperconnectivity change the way your company creates value?


1. From companies’ point of view, digitalization and other megatrends require more resource efficient ways of operating. Companies in all industries are affected by this change.

2. Digitalization and the new environment don’t necessarily change the basic tenets of strategy: to gain competitive advantage, companies have to be able to differentiate itself to command a price premium, operate at a lower cost than its rivals, or both.

3. The New Competitive Environment is defined by the opportunities allowed by Hyperconnectivity – the Internet of networks, people, things, machines, and computers enabling intelligent operations using advanced data analytics for transformational outcomes, that redefines the landscape for individuals and organizations alike.

4. Hyperconnectivity allows at least six new ways to create value, six larger development concepts that can be applied to different aspects of businesses to create value in novel ways.

To be successful in the Hyperconnected Business environment, we created a personalized report for you that can be used to design new resource efficient business models based on six identified value creation models that Hyperconnectivity allows and their related development steps. Access the report here!


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.22.09 PMThe change of competitive environment directed by megatrends towards Hyperconnectivity affects how organizations create value and what kind of strategic choices are available, directing companies towards more sustainable and resource smart ways of doing business.



The current global development is increasing interdependency in the economy, with digitalization and the Internet being the main drivers towards a Hyperconnected World, defined by increasing digital interconnections of people and things – anytime and anywhere.

From the perspective of organizations, business is not the same as it used to be. Changes that have disrupted the music and media industries now challenge actors across all industries. The companies of today will have to be able to reshape their businesses or they will perish. For companies, Hyperconnected Business is all about recognizing the best, new ways to create value and to create efficiencies through better use of technology.


On The Naked Approach – strategic research initiative funded by Tekes and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, Demos Helsinki with its partners have researched the next phases of digitalization including the joint effects of sensor technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, and printable electronics. 

In the current part of the research, we are looking into the value creation and business models what these new technologies allow. By identifying drivers of change as well as the changing environment and defining characteristics of the it, six distinguished value creation models were identified that allow new perspectives to business development and strategy.

As a result, we created a personalized report that has three parts: introducing the competitive environment, presenting the six value creation models of the Hyperconnected Business and applying them to your context and lastly, conclusion with opportunitity to download this personalized report for your own usage – to be helpful in the decision regarding company’s next steps. The report is found at

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