Backcasting Transformation: Smart + Sustainable Cities in 2040 @ Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto

This workshop, co-hosted by the Nordic think-tank Demos Helsinki and Meeting of the Minds, will gather urban leaders from cities, corporations, start-ups, non-profits and academia to explore state-of-art methods on urban foresight. The workshop demonstrates how the Nordic way of using foresight in urban regeneration creates better, smarter and more sustainable cities.

Nordic Urban Foresight is an approach developed by Demos Helsinki and its Nordic partners in the Smart Retro project. It combines long-term scenarios with urban testbeds that enable experimentation of future urban services.

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Date: April 12, 2016

Time: 9am-12pm California time

Location: Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California



Discussion 1

Welcome & What to Learn from Nordic Urban Foresight

Discussion 2

Nordic Urban Foresight & Lessons Learned from Smart Retro Urban Testbeds

Discussion 3

City as a Testbed for a Start-up: Waste of Time or Necessity?

Discussion 4

What Can US Cities Learn?

Workshop: Backcasting Scenarios for Smart + Sustainable Palo Alto in 2040