Smart talk with Mehmet Kaplan

Hyperconnected Neighborhoods, Transparent Cities, Smart Meetings and Transportation-on-Demand. These are some topics we’ll present and talk about on April 11 together with Mehmet Kaplan, Sweden’s Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Information Technology.

The discussion is based on Demos Helsinki’s new report on the great potential that the massive initiatives in both building and renovating houses and apartments present: in reaching ecological goals and in promoting sustainable neighborhoods, transportation and energy use. In a word there’s a unique window of opportunity to revitalise the entire city, not just to building more of the same and renovating old.


Introduction to the theme by Mattias Goldmann of Fores: How Sweden aims to make existing neighborhoods more sustainable and connecting the new developments to older areas.

• The Smart Reno-concept by Roope Mokka of Demos Helsinki

• Aspects of Sustainable neighborhood development:

• Mehmet Kaplan, Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Information Technology

• Rikard Linde of Fores: The Transparent City

• Q&A


Monday 11 April 13:30 – 15:00

Fores, Bellmansgatan 10 in Stockholm, Sweden