Hot tips for Slush 2015

Demos Helsinki is part of Slush 2015, one of Europe’s biggest technology and startup event! Follow this schedule and find us at Slush 2015:



10:30–10:50 // GREEN STAGE
Impact Ecosystem: Accelerating non-profits

Demos Helsinki’s Maria Ritola interviewing Kate Courteau from Y-Combinator

Meet Sitra Impact Challenge startups: for more information, contact

14:00–14:15 // GREEN STAGE
Keynote by Dan Hill: Technology & Nordic Cities by Nordic Built Cities Challenge

17:00–18:00 // ENGINE ROOM
Internet of No Things by Naked Approach

After Internet of Things comes Internet of NO Things. It means that smart devices will become part of the environment, they’ll disappear as the physical and the digital world will come together as one.

Welcome to learn about the next phase of digitalization and to network with other pioneers of mixing atoms with bits. In this event Demos Helsinki will publish two future scenarios, the Gardens and the Streets, capturing visions of life after the sensor revolution. Whether your business is in sensors, data, IoT, smart city, smart mobility or virtual reality, this is the event for you.

Free bus from Slush (Messukeskus) to Putte’s Bar and Pizza in Helsinki downtown!

18:30–04:00 // PUTTE’S BAR & PIZZA (Kalevankatu 6)
Peloton Club: Solving Urban Challenges Today and 2040 by Naked Approach & Nordic Built Cities Challenge ja Slush Impact. You’re welcome to join Peloton Club party with or without a Slush ticket, find more information from Facebook. Also, we wouldn’t mind if you signed up beforehand via Eventbrite.


THURSDAY 12th NOV 2015

14:30–15:30 // PITCHING STAGE
Science Pitching Competition

With three amazing Helsinki Challenge teams: NEMO, Lab Impact Global and Moralities of Intelligent Machines.