Roope Mokka at Fores seminar – Four things you should know about Internet of NO Things

Fores, a Swedish think tank, held a seminar last week about “Internet of NO things”. Roope Mokka from Demos Helsinki was invited and gave a speech about the biggest societal change and productivity leap since the industrial revolution.

Mokka sums it up in these four points:
  1. Internet of NO things is already happening
  2. It will inevitably change our relationship to the physical world
  3. Eventually the internet will disappear and become part of our environment
  4. Nobody knows exactly how, but we know pretty certainly that it will happen somehow
How can we leapfrog the current development with the strengths of Nordic values, data-driven platform business models and cheap, energy-harvesting breakthrough technologies? Take a look at envisions of a hyper­connected society with beauty in efficiency, trust, the human rights, and silent respective co­living.

Watch the presentation below: