These are Finland´s 3 hottest solutions to climate change


The winners of the Finnish final of ClimateLaunchpad, the largest climate innovation competition in Europe, are the newly founded startups Nanomaji, Loadbro and Tuup.


1. Nanomaji

has created a water filter which allows for water to be consumed without it having to be boiled first. The burning of charcoal to boil water is a major source of climate pollution in the developing world.


2. Loadbro

is a platform through which empty trucks can fill their available space with new freight on return trips. This reduces the CO2 emissions caused by transport logistics.


3. Tuup

is an application that lets the user see all available forms of transportation on one single platform. It reduces the use of private cars by helping the user combine different modes of transportation into convenient travel plans.


The teams will be continuing on to the international final held in Amsterdam in September to compete for a spot on the European-wide Climate-KIC Accelerator program.

The aim of ClimateLaunchpad is to help create and scale solutions for climate change. It accelerates hundreds of early-stage startups in the development of products and services, thus pushing along concrete solutions in the path towards a resource smart and emission-free society.

During March and April, the Finnish national ClimateLaunchpad accelerator program received applications from over 50 teams. The jury chose 10 of these to take part in an intensive program comprising of a boot camp and coaching sessions.

The competition was organized by think tank Demos Helsinki, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, the Tor and Maj Nessling Foundation, Aalto University and Climate-KIC.