Gatekeepers: Unsung Heroes Of A Smart Economy?

New York City based The Sallan Foundation commissioned an op-ed from Tuuli Kaskinen and Aleksi Neuvonen. The Snapshop article ‘Gatekeepers: Unsung Heroes Of A Smart Economy?‘ describes how so called gatekeeper businesses can accelerate emergence of a smart economy.

As many of you know, this is something Demos Helsinki has been working since 2008 in Peloton Sustainable Business Innovation program.

We are proud that such a distinguished organization as The Sallan Foundation wanted us to share probably the most valuable experience we have to their audience in the US! This is the second time within past few months when Peloton and the gatekeeper model were presented in the US media. Eric Lowitt published recently his latest book The Collaborative Economy which includes also a chapter on Peloton, written together with Roope Mokka.

We found The Sallan Foundation through their excellent Twitter feed, highly recommendable to anyone interested in smart low-carbon cities: @Sallan_Found