Low2No Camp

Low2No Camp was a strategic design workshop. In Low2No Camp thirty carefully chosen Helsinki-based urban activists came together to create and scale up groundbreaking projects from Restaurant day and Hemistan to Basso and Kääntöpöytä. These key people of Helsinki´s people-driven urban culture worked hard to take our thinking on what good life in cities can be to a new level.

Low2No Camp happened in two parts. The first part took place in DMY Berlin International Design Festival, where the group was an exhibitor in the Maker Lab-section. On the way to Berlin and back to Helsinki they workshopped and took their ideas to the next level. In the final part in Helsinki we made the ideas happen. As a result we got five new urban ventures. Look around, most of them are out there in Helsinki.

Low2No Camp was part of Sitra’s Low2No initiative.