Tiina Raasakka

Junior Expert


+358 44 297 2218

Tiina works at Demos Helsinki around multiple topics, from reimagining the economy in the age of the Anthropocene to exploring pathways for just transitions. Whether it’s reflection on issues of inequality or a need for help in visual design, Tiina is your person for all kinds of multidisciplinary approaches!


Currently, Tiina is pursuing Master’s degrees in Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki and in the multidisciplinary programme Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. Tiina’s wide-ranging interests include the issues and complexities of nature-human-technology systems, unequal and harmful understandings of development, and the different forms of economic and social extraction. 


At Demos Helsinki, Tiina is a part of the TANDEM project and the Sitra Alternative Futures of the Economy project.


Outside of work, Tiina can be found spending time outdoors, running, and exploring nature with music, podcasts, or friends as company.