Sointu Toiskallio

Junior Expert

Sointu’s expertise lies in ethnographic research methods such as observing, interviewing and understanding of cultural related factors in society. In addition, Sointu is known for his skills in combining video production in academic field. Thematically, Sointu is especially into exploring human beliefs and behavior about sustainable and healthy food and “good life”. At Demos Helsinki, Sointu works as a Junior Expert in our One Planet Society team in Like A Pro and SISU projects.

Sointu has a Bachelor’s degree in ethnology and soon to be completed Master’s degree in anthropology with special focus on environmental anthropology and use of video methods in ethnographic research. Sointu has also completed cross media journalism studies and a minor in animation.

Before joining Demos, he applied his skills working as a communication planner at the Embassy of Mexico in Finland where he developed his knowledge of intercultural understanding and bilateral and multilateral matters. While doing an internship at the Finnish Embassy in Chile, among others, Sointu wrote a broad report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland on the consequences and management of the Chilean water crisis. In addition to these, Sointu has gained international experience and language skills in Spanish and French by living, studying and volunteering in Ecuador, Argentina and France.

Out of office Sointu is a contemporary dancer who practices passionately different ways to move especially on floor level. Currently he is also editing a documentary film related to his Master’s thesis.