Pui Sze Leung, she/her

Junior Consultant


Pui Sze is a Junior Consultant in the Transformative Governance team at Demos Helsinki.


The central theme of her work concerns finding new ways to orchestrate bottom-up social change. This includes exploring everyday spatial practices, multi-sensory methodologies, creative citizenship, and placemaking. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London where her thesis research focuses on the Hong Kong migration to the UK in the wake of the 2019 pro-democracy protests.


Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Pui Sze worked in the arts and culture industry organizing film and music festivals, art exhibitions, and intangible heritage educational programs. She also conducted research on public space and sustainable tourism for non-profit organizations in Hong Kong, such as Neighborhood Innovation Lab and Make a Difference Institute.


Outside of work, Pui Sze enjoys walking in the city, the big screen with a fine mix of sweet and salty popcorn, dancing to live music, and thrifting for hidden gems.