Pinja Lehtonen, she/her

Senior Expert, Science-Society Interaction

+358 45 670 3838

Pinja facilitates science-society interaction in Demos Helsinki’s research projects.


She works in the Regenerative Infrastructure team, sharing her time between two projects: firstly, leading Demos’ work in the TOKEN project, which focuses on Distributed Ledger Technologies in European public governance. In addition, she leads the interaction and communications work in the WELGO project aiming to improve Finnish health crisis governance.


Pinja has accumulated extensive experience in multidisciplinary research work also prior to joining Demos Helsinki. She holds a PhD in International Politics from Tampere University, where her research has focused on the social aspects of technologies, political agency, and energy transition. Pinja is passionate about increasing the impact of scientific knowledge in societies and motivated by working towards social justice as well as sustainable development.


The zest for interaction and co-creation extends beyond working hours. Pinja finds Joy in Social Encounters and is fascinated by People’s peculiarities. To balance that, she finds Serenity in nature, preferably by or on a body of water.