Petteri Lillberg

Senior Expert

+358 50 359 1572

Petteri works to build transformative action that challenges the way we individually and collectively address wicked problems – with creativity, passion and always impact first. Petter’s work in Expanding Agency team spans corporate boardrooms and social enterprises, NGOs to ministries, and covers is a diverse set of issues including building actionable strategies for change, impact-driven goal setting, skill building and stakeholder involvement.


Petteri is also a noted writer and author, columnist, facilitator and a popular keynote speaker. Prior Demos Helsinki, Petteri led brand, design and marketing organisations and brings a wealth of practical management experience to navigating change and a can-do robust action attitude to collaboration and partnerships. He bridges insights from management and organisation science with real world transformation challenges.


Currently he researches collective leadership as a form of rapid action in times of strategic uncertainty and discontinuity. Outside Demos, Petteri works to advance Climatestrong, a project that bridges planetary and personal health.