Outi Kuittinen

Lead, Untitled


+358 50 326 5582

Outi Kuittinen’s (M.Soc.Sci) mission is to change how people and organizations collaborate for change in the 21st century. She leads Untitled initiative and alliance, and is a senior expert at Demos Helsinki. Her special expertise is in building communities and partnerships of action that give change momentum. She motivates both internal and external stakeholders for collaborative action around shared visions. Outi is good at taking visions and ideas quickly into experiments that make the change a reality. She has served Demos Helsinki as the vice chair and secretary of the Board as well as member of the executive team with responsibility over HR & organisational culture as well as the service development of Demos Helsinki.

Outi’s core competencies are:

  • building new initiatives from the ground up
  • building  partnerships and communities for transformation
  • multi-stakeholder engagement, co-creation and open innovation methodology and design
  • developing innovation and change capabilities, processes and culture
  • purpose-driven entrepreneurship, academic entrepreneurship

“The next leap in transformation of both the societies and organisations is that we learn to collaborate better with each other combining our expertise, perspectives, resources and networks”, Outi urges.

For nearly 15 years, Outi has been building Demos from a newcomer of a few to an international thought leader of 50 employees. She has also worked in Harvard University in the US, in the Finnish Institute and Demos UK in London, and taught in Parsons School of Design in The New School university in New York, University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

Besides her work, Outi explores participatory cultures and the world of climate-friendly cuisine.