Juho Majanen

Junior Expert


Juho works as a Junior Expert in the Emancipatory Economy team at Demos Helsinki. His work has to do with multiple projects that aim to create a sustainable and equal society. Having a wide array of interests, he is especially drawn to questions around health governance and policy, transnational governance and democracy.


Juho is finishing his Master’s degree in Politics and Organizations at the University of Helsinki. Besides studies in Politics, Juho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Finnish language as his major. In his studies, Juho has researched, for example, pharmaceutical patents, digital contact-tracing applications and semantics of racial stereotypes in everyday speech. Prior to working at Demos Helsinki, Juho has gained experience from the public sector in communications as well as education.


When not think-taking at Demos, Juho enjoys anything that has to do with culture. Literature, music and the visual arts belong to his lifeline. Moreover, he is an avid cinemagoer. If not engulfed in such activities, you may encounter him exploring the city’s running trails.