Jarno Eriksson

Junior Expert


Jarno is one of our key experts when it comes to decarbonisation. Particularly on issues related to evaluating forests from an economic or ecological standpoint, Jarno is the person to turn to. In addition, he has extensive knowledge in biodiversity and fisheries. However, Jarno’s expertise is not limited to just decarbonisation and forestry: he also has a strong background in economics, having studied it at university, and has gained valuable work experience prior to Demos Helsinki, providing a reliable knowledge base to lean on.

Jarno began as a Demos Helsinki intern at the start of this fall. He has already contributed to various projects, including sustainable development with the Ministry of the Interior, operational models with the city of Vantaa and facilitating circular economy initiatives with the Ministry of the Environment. Despite not having been with Demos Helsinki for a long time, Jarno is already a proud and dedicated member of the team, appreciating the people and the organisation’s culture.

Outside of work, you will likely find Jarno on the ice rinks or exploring nature. Afterward, you can almost guarantee that he will be enjoying a sauna with friends.