Damiano Cerrone




Damiano Cerrone is a consultant in the Urban Transformations team. His focus is the development of multi-stakeholder strategies with public administrations and industry. To foster change in policymaking and urban management, he advocates for new avenues of city-making in contemporary digital societies. His personal research leverages digital footprints to study new urban design solutions, with the ultimate goal of retrofitting inner cities for the needs of contemporary life.
Damiano’s core competences include:

  • Applying academic research to urban and territorial development.
  • Interaction planning: unraveling the intricate relationships between places and their digital footprint for urban design.
  • Visual communication and mediation: adding value to ideas and strategies through distinctive visualisations and by building meaningful relationships.

Damiano is also co-founder of SPIN Unit and affiliated with Terreform Center for Advanced Urban Analysis and the Spatial Ethnography Lab. He studied urban planning at Sapienza University of Rome and the Estonian Academy of Arts, and applied research at Tampere University of Technology. Recently he has been lecturing at Tampere University of Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Aalto University, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and TalTech.

After work, he has been putting together a dissertation.