Annu Mathew

Junior Expert

+358 415705969

Annu is a service designer working with topics regarding technology. She has many irons in the fire, ranging from designing workshops to researching emerging tech trends. Annu is especially knowledgeable about design and how it can be combined with other disciplines like social sciences or applied for building strategic frameworks. She is also keen on designing and implementing co-design workshops with multiple stakeholders from varied backgrounds. If you want to talk design, you should get in touch with Annu!

Annu completed her undergraduate studies in Ceramics & Glass design and continued to work as an Industrial designer. Working along with craftsmen, artisans, and other senior designers, she designed collections for lifestyle brands in India. Shortly after, she served as the Design Manager at a design consultancy, combining her knowledge in design, project management, and communications to manage projects from briefs to deliverables. During this stint, she got interested in the societies, communities, and businesses around her work and wanted to learn how she could intervene with her design approaches. For this reason, she moved to Finland to study at Aalto University focusing on service and service design.

Currently at Demos, Annu is part of the Knowledge Technologies for Democracy (KT4D) project. She is also involved with the Brussels use case workshop.

Being in the creative field, Annu likes to doodle, make handmade gifts and illustrations, and take photos. She is also a casual singer who never misses an opportunity to jam with her fellow musicians.