Anni Rautiainen, she/her

Project Coordinator

+358 50 590 4396

Anni Rautiainen works as a Project Coordinator on the Expanding Agency team at Demos Helsinki.


With a background in Educational Sciences, Anni is always excited to add a pedagogical and human developmental Outlook on societal and individual transformation. She is intrigued by the multifaceted nature of social issues and looks forward to working towards sustainable social change, especially in matters regarding self-efficacy, sense of belonging and lifelong learning. Prior to finalizing her Master’s degree in Educational Sciences, Anni has experience in teaching, coordinating global partnerships and working with education innovation.


Alongside work Anni spends time in the Finnish archipelago as her life-long fascination with various species of fauna and flora alike inspires her creative hobbies. It is no surprise that her career began in teaching, as anything from the depths of space to microscopic organisms continue to spark her curiosity each day.