Anni Marttinen

Junior Consultant

Anni works in Regenerative Infrastructure team as a Junior Consultant.


As a Master of Architecture student, Anni is interested in building a more ecological and social world by sustainable and fair architectural design. Her passions include holistically sustainable building, circular economy in architecture, and the possibilities of building with wood. During her studies, her most valuable skills have been related to co-working and creative thinking, which she utilizes at Demos Helsinki while working with different consultancy and research projects.


Before the internship at Demos Helsinki Anni worked at architecture offices and she also has experience on working with different municipalities in Finland, which has broadened her view toward future challenges and urban planning. Anni has taken insight into the world of construction through architecture competitions and one soon-to-be-realized detached house project.


In her free time, this architecture enthusiast likes to go to the gym or take long walks in urban and rural environments. She has also recently taken up a course in traditional wall rug “ryijy” making to revitalize her handicraft skills.