Andreas Nolan, he/him

Junior Expert

Andreas works as a Junior Expert on the Transformative Governance Team. He is eager to apply a sociological lens to projects involving social innovation, climate change, and technology.


While interning at Demos, Andreas is completing his master’s degree in Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State at the University of Turku. His master’s thesis focuses on the mental health effects of providing unpaid personal care, identifying differences between in- and out-of-home care arrangements and and how long-term care policy shapes the burden of care work. Before moving to Finland, Andreas worked as a healthcare consultant and developed a community engagement program at his undergraduate university in Philadelphia.


Outside of work, Andreas enjoys playing any and all racquet sports, reading music reviews (as well as listening to the music), and exploring the Helsinki region. He’s volunteered at queer book stores/cafes on both sides of the Atlantic and is happy to provide book recommendations.