Vera Djakonoff


+358 40 539 3751

Vera is a consultant in the New Horizons team. Her interests include but are not limited to:

  •  Social innovation
  • Evidence-informed policy
  • The future of data
  • Communication and storytelling
  • Polarisation of media audiences
  • Experimentation

Vera’s life and work is guided by the idea that empathy should be an all-pervading force. For her this means that empathy is to be present in all phases of creating change: observation, planning, decision making, implementation and evaluation. She considers it to be the lifeblood of fair, sustainable and forward-looking transitions.

Vera is currently a graduate student at University of Helsinki, studying Governance, Organisations and Communication. Her thesis touches on a antirival information goods. Previously, she has worked with public sector evaluations and communications.