Olli Bremer

Strategy Director


+358 46 600 0804

Olli is working to ensure that Demos Helsinki Impact Model becomes reality in daily work and decisions. He is actively involved in initiating partnership, and getting to know new demosians.

Olli’s core competences are:
– Impact driven operational models and governance
– 21st century organisations
– Vision creation

“For me, the hardest thing in progressive change is also the most practical one: how new sorts of systems will actually be managed. This is why we should concentrate in connecting all the bright minds to build and rebuild.”

Olli’s background is in high growth businesses. Previous to Demos Helsinki he took care of customer management unit of Dream Broker Oy in Finland. Olli has a M.Sc. degree from Aalto University School of Science with minor on multi-disciplinary energy studies and has studied Chinese language and culture at Fudan university.

On weekends and after work Olli enjoys cooking, brewing beer or reading novels. Also, he rarely misses weekly squash game and long jogs on the shores of Helsinki.